How Healthy Truckers Create Safe Roads

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Statistics show  cause a staggering 12 percent of work-related deaths. This puts truckers in direct danger, making the need to stay safe a top priority to stay sustainable, and in some cases, alive.

Driving long distances can get the best out of all truckers, including professionals with decades of experience. The truth is, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. A branch on the ground, or a child carelessly crossing the street, can easily set off a pileup, endangering the lives of everyone on the road.

Staying sharp, fit, and alert is the key to minimizing accidents and keeping others safe. Many truckers overlook their well-being, but that doesn’t mean you should, too. Below highlights why good health is an essential part of being a successful trucker, and what it takes to stay in top performing condition. 

Stress and Healthcare

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There’s no getting around to the amount of stress that comes with truck driving. Sitting for hours at a time, staying on schedule while facing detours, and late night culture can trigger anxiety and tension. Regular visits to the doctor is a tried-and-tested way to prevent sicknesses caused by stress.

As mentioned in an infographic from , monitoring one’s health is nearly impossible while dealing with daily job responsibilities. Because of this, checkups can make sure one pays close attention to early warning signs and symptoms.

The use of digital and health trackers might be useful for truckers with erratic schedules. Such tools compile data related to the wearer’s daily sleeping and eating habits. Information is accessible through an app, where people can see their progress in real-time.

No Place to Sleep and Exercise


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The key to staying in good shape is adequate sleep and exercise. For truckers, this is difficult to keep up due to the nature of the job. Unlike other professions, burning the midnight oil is common for professional drivers. During peak seasons, some get as little as 3-4 hours of sleep per night. Furthermore, rest stops may not always be conveniently on route to the destination. When this happens, truckers seek out parking lots or side roads.

Lack of sleep not only affects one’s reflexes, but also an individual’s eating habits. According to a study by , sleep deprivation is closely linked to high food consumption, which can lead to obesity.

In addition to increased food intake, low energy levels from lack of sleep makes exercising unbearable. Truckers naturally do not have access to gyms or proper equipment, and usually have to resort to basic workout regimes, such as push-ups, brisk walking, or jumping jacks.

Maintaining a Healthy Trucker’s Diet

In order for truckers to stay lean and healthy, they have to watch what they eat. Moreover, a natural diet can also affect a driver’s mood, making him or her less , a disorder often associated with the profession. On the road, an individual’s options consist mostly of fast food, diners, and gas station meals.

Such choices contain preservatives and hardly have enough vitamins to ward off seasonal viruses and stress. The best way a trucker can support his or her diet is planning ahead. Packing a week’s worth of healthy snacks such as dried fruits, nuts, and granola is an effective method for curbing hunger pangs. As a result, people can drive consistently and safely for longer periods of time.

What You Do Outside the Job Matters


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Getting the most out of a healthy lifestyle requires changing activities outside one’s job. A well-rounded, balanced life filled with fruitful relationships and optimal food choices are ideal ways to counteract the negative aspects of truck driving. Apply a holistic approach to better supplement areas where one might have a hard time boosting.

The trucker’s role is important in creating safe, hospitable roads for other drivers and themselves. Incorporating a healthy way of living is not only beneficial to one’s professional driving career, but also to an individual’s family and long-term goals.

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