How Have Audi Continued to Produce Top of the Range Cars?

2014 Audi R8 V10

Audi is one of the leaders in the premium global new car market, with a wide range of cars from superminis, to limousines, to supercars, to suit almost any budget. While they may not make a car that’s quite as affordable as those from Ford or Vauxhall, the brand does offer more affordable cars now than at any other time before.

Many of us would love to have an Audi on our driveway and buying a used model from a car  can be a cheap and easy way of doing it. With the Audi brand being very popular in the UK for many, many years now, you’ll find a wide choice of Audi models up for auction every week of the year.

The only time you’ll find choice restricted is with the newer models, like the Audi A1 supermini, for example, a car that hasn’t been around that long compared to the bigger A4 or A6 models. However, the A1 is proving to be a best seller too, so there will be some available on the used car market for quite a lot less than the original forecourt price.

Audi’s continued success in the new car market is down to clever engineering – no-one wants to buy a naff car, even if it looks good – and clever brand positioning. Very gently over the years the Audi top brass have priced their cars correctly, and built them to a high enough standard and specification, to be able to price them with profit to spare. And once consumers are happy to pay a high price for your products, not only do they see the products as premium, but there is more profit to be made from a more expensive car than those cars at the budget end of the market.

Audi’s success arguably started to build the most momentum in the 1980s, with the launch of the quattro models, which featured full-time four-wheel drive system for better grip in wet and slippery conditions. These quattro models then took the world of off-road rallying by storm – thanks to far superior grip over the two-wheel drive competition – and the era of four-wheel drive Audi motorsport success was born. And while the other manufacturers caught up with Audis all-gripping tech, the flying Audis won trophies galore, shooting up in the publics’ estimation.

Building on their motorsport success with further advances in engineering and quality, the Audi board of directors chose wisely when spending money and research and design, and quality control. The range of Audi models that drove into the 1990 was strong, reliable and dependable, though not quite as stunningly stylish as the modern day Audi range of cars.

So, with a wide-ranging fan and customer base, and many years of top level engineering experience, Audi cars now command a premium price, and are one of the very best selling automotive brands in the world. New supercar models like the R8 – with either a V8 or V10 engine – have further pushed the brand into the realms of the super-expensive car, while high volume sellers like the A1 put Audis on the driveways of customers that previously couldn’t afford them.

Indeed, the smaller Audis, with the latest in super-efficient engines, are actually becoming the choice of fleet managers that want that understated Audi style, mixed with the very latest in green technology.

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