How Do I Scrap My Car?

Crashed blue car

As much effort you take to keep the car in good condition, cars wear out. Cars may be in accidents or be damaged by hail, wind or other bad weather conditions. Whatever the reason, eventually cars need to be replaced.

Most of the time, if there is still life left in the older vehicle, the car can be sold as is. However, due to damage or age, many cars do not run or need so much renovation that selling them as a useful vehicle, even only for school and home, is not an option. At this point, you might consider scrapping the car. Here are some tips for doing so. 

Check it Out

Check local listings for  in your area. Make sure you do business with a legitimate company. Talk to friends and family for referrals and suggestions. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Call the business. Work only with companies who treat customers with respect, answer your questions knowledgeably, offer fair prices and who are ready to assist in every way possible. Make sure they do business in a way that protects the environment.

Clean it Out

As when getting rid of any vehicle, go through the car to check for any personal items. Check under and behind seats. Make sure not to leave behind personal items, a favorite kid’s toy, or important papers. Too often things like insurance cards can get left behind. In an age of identity theft, providing access to such information can become a problem.

Drain it Out

Start the scrapping process by draining all liquids, such as oil and gas, from the car. Remember these are hazardous materials so drain in a safe and an environmentally-friendly manner. Don’t simply drain liquids onto the grass or the ground. Drain into a container so you can later dispose of the liquid in a safe way. Call the city government for information on the proper way to dispose of the car fluids.


Are there parts of the car you wish to keep to reuse or sell? Remove these parts. This may include a sound system you may wish to use in another vehicle or tires. Remove and sell what parts you can sell. You are not selling this car whole, but for scrap and you want to get all you can from the vehicle.

Take it In

Contact the scrap yard and ask for the best time to bring in your vehicle. When you come in, you need someone to help you unload the car, answer questions and pay for the vehicle.

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