Have You Been A Victim of Text and Drive Crash?


Life’s unfairness could come in different forms. One is getting involved in a car crash due to another driver’s distracted driving. In other words, someone who was texting and driving simultaneously got distracted and crashed to you. If you have been the victims of a car crash that was caused by a driver who was also texting while driving, it is highly advisable that you . This attorney could represent you in court and ensure you get the financial compensation that you deserve to fund your recovery that could take weeks, months, even years.

Is Distracted Driving Really Dangerous?

Many drivers admit to texting and driving simultaneously, even if they are fully aware that texting while driving indeed increases their risks of being in a car crash. Indeed, texting while driving , enough time to cover the length of a football field. This is also enough time for anything to go wrong the driver failing to notice and make the necessary adjustments to avoid a road accident. Nevertheless, even with these scary numbers, more adults still send text messages while they are driving than teenagers. This is surprising because it is usually the adults who complain and whine that teenagers are texting and driving. In reality, adults are more likely to text and drive because they feel they are on top of the situation. Many adults who text and drive also feel like are being efficient because they are doing two things simultaneously. Some adults also feel pressured to check and answer any texts that come, and decide not to wait for a time when they are less distracted. This attitude leads to car accidents.

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” Campaign

The “It Can Wait” campaign by AT&T surveyed 1,011 adults and surprisingly found out that almost half of all adults admitted to texting and driving at the same time, even though 98 percent of adults agree that texting while driving is dangerous. On the other hand, only 43 percent of teenagers text while driving. After receiving these unexpected results, AT&T’s developed a new phone app that allows smart phones to send an automated text message response (which can be customized) to anybody who sends a text to the driver’s phone when it senses that the car is going faster than 25 miles an hour. This way, the driver does not have to check the text message immediately, and whoever sent the text message will be informed that the person they are trying to call is driving and thus unavailable to check and reply to text messages. AT&T hopes that this new phone app would help drivers resist the temptation to check their phones and text back while still driving. Until that day arrives when all vehicles become driverless to eliminate human error and distracted driving, roads and the act of driving will remain risky for everybody involved.

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