Excellent cash back and rebates offered by Enterprise Rent a Car discount codes

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Enterprise Rent a Car is a company which offers car rental services across North America and many other parts of the world. Headquartered in Missouri, the company offers car rental services, commercial truck rental services, used car sales and commercial fleet management. Special long term rental services and corporate business rental services are also offered by the company.

With a history dating back to 1957, the company has won a number of awards and accolades over the years. Today, the company enjoys the status of being the largest car rental services provider in the US, boasting of well over 5,400 locations and over 400 locations at airports all over the world. The company is also a proud sponsor of a number of major sports leagues worldwide. 

The primary service to be offered by this company is local renting of cars out to consumers who need a replacement vehicle for special occasions as well as at times of emergencies. The company provides this service in over 66 countries. 

The car rental service provider offers rentals of all classes of vehicles, ranging from small economy vehicles, up to elite luxury vehicles. Customers can also find other vehicle types, including motorcycles, minivans and extra-large seater vans on rent.

This company also promotes various deals and programs that consumers can take advantage of. These deals include exclusive promotional discounts, weekend deals, email coupons and various extras, which translate into excellent savings on vehicle rentals. In addition to these, Canadian customers can also make use of special , which offer even bigger discounts than those featured by the company.

Such noteworthy enterprise rental deals include attractive rebates and cash back options on vehicle rentals booked through the company’s online site. By utilizing these discount codes, Canadian customers can enjoy the lowest rates on all types of cars, every day. Applicable across all classes of vehicles, these promo codes make car rental services much more budget friendly, with unmatched auto rental prices being featured. While these discounts are available on car rentals, cash back offers are unfortunately not valid on purchase of used vehicles.

In order to obtain these rental cars discounts, Canadian customers simply need to key in a valid promo code when booking a vehicle and rebates will automatically be applied. This simple step offers excellent reduction in prices, exclusively available only for car rental services in Canada. 

With unmatched discounts and savings up for grabs, all Canadian customers should definitely look to utilize promo codes when booking a vehicle from Enterprise Rent a Car. Promo codes can offer great savings, especially for corporates who frequently books car rentals and also businesses looking to manage a fleet of vehicles.

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