Driver’s Education Update: Modern Tools for Learning the Rules of the Road

drivers education

You want to be a better driver, or maybe your child is gearing up to sit behind the wheel. Either way, if you want to stay safe and keep whomever is driving safe too, then here are that good drivers have used in the past (and still use). 

Google Maps

is a mainstay. It’s probably the best map app out there right now. You can map just about any location, get directions all over the U.S., and the world, and because it’s made by Google, it integrates with the search company’s own search engine. Search for addresses by typing in a business name or even the street. You could even find friends’ addresses if all you know is their name. 

Repair Pal

Let’s say you’re in an accident. Or, you’re in a fight with your insurer over the cost of a repair. You can use to keep the insurer at bay, and RepairPal to fight with the mechanic. 

Or, just keep your car in tune and running safely without getting ripped off by the local mechanic. This app helps you find a reliable auto repair specialist, tells you how much the repair should cost, and keeps track of all previous repairs on your vehicle. This can help you get a higher price when you go to sell it. It can also help you weed out dishonest mechanics. 

A few other features include things like the ability to find dealerships, and specialty garages, easy navigation, education about general automotive repairs, and recording of all car repairs and service history for multiple vehicles. 

Steer Clear Mobile

This app is from State Farm, the insurance giant, and is meant to help those under 25 improve their driving skills. But, anyone can use it to brush up on their driving. It features tips on driving in different weather conditions. You can watch and hear from other drivers’ experiences. If you have State Farm, you can become eligible for discounts through the app, and it logs driving time, mileage, and road conditions. 

All around, it’s a great app to have on-hand. If you have a teenager in the house, then it’s one of the first apps you’ll want to download for them. They may or may not use it, but you can use it as a reference when you take them out to practice their driving skills before their driving test. 

MyMaxSpeed 2.0

This is a great one to keep your kid out of trouble, or to fight a speeding ticket of your own. It uses the accelerometer in an Android phone. The MyMaxSpeed 2.0 app logs your speed and location every 5 seconds. It makes the data available for exporting to a spreadsheet, too. The app is supposed to be used two ways. First, it monitor’s your (or your teen’s) driving habits and provides an accurate record of the speed driven. 

It also acts as a secondary recording too that will help you argue against erroneous speeding tickets. It can provide a location history or send a message to another device if the phone you’re using for the app goes outside a preset perimeter. 

Robert Wyatt works as a driving instructor. He loves tech and always has to have the latest gadgets, especially relating to driving, and is even excited about the driverless car; despite him being out of a job because of it. His articles focus on driving and apps and gadgets to help with that.

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