Don’t skimp on quality when replacing car parts


Having to make repairs to your vehicle or replace car parts can be a nerve-wracking experience, particularly if you’re not a particularly knowledgeable motorist or mechanic. As soon as something has been modified from its original state, it can seem a little unnerving to know that part of it is not as originally intended or manufactured. That’s why it pays to ensure you have peace of mind when you’re replacing parts on your car.

After all, feeling safe in your car is absolutely essential. When you’re travelling down the motorway at seventy miles an hour, you want to have complete faith in the components which make up your car. When a small child runs out in front of you in town and you have to slam on the brakes, you want to know that the brake pads are from a reputable manufacturer and that you have the best possible chance of avoiding an incident.

Even down to seemingly insignificant parts of a car, such as the oil, air or fuel filters, not having the right parts can be catastrophic. Your fuel filter, for example, is designed to filter any particles or items from your fuel before it is pumped into your car’s engine. If the filter is faulty or not of good quality, there’s the possibility that foreign objects and debris could make its way into the engine and cause catastrophic damage. As filters are generally pretty inexpensive to buy, it really is not worth skimping on quality for a couple of pounds and risking hundreds or thousands of pounds work of damage to your car’s engine. In the case of a serious accident, it has been known for insurers to refuse to pay out because they’ve deemed that owners have not taken adequate care in looking after their car by fitting quality replacement parts.

There are numerous tales on online car forums from motorists who have fitted inferior parts to their car and lived to regret it. Most car parts can be bought relatively inexpensively, and although trying to save money is always a good idea, doing it at the expense of quality when you’re in the realms of a machine which is designed to keep you alive at 70mph is not the wisest move. Instead, money can be saved by using a large, reputable retailer such as Halfords, who have the benefit of low unit prices which are often passed on to the consumer. This way, you needn’t skimp on quality to save money.

There are, after all, certain areas in which saving money at the expense of quality is a good idea, and those where it certainly is not. Although you might happily step down from Kellogg’s to a supermarket’s own brand of cereal, you probably wouldn’t want to chop in your CE-stamped and branded baby’s pushchair for a cheap plastic model from the Far East. And whereas you would be wise to buy an own-branded Argos television which is exactly the same inside as an expensive Panasonic or Sony TV, and often even made in the same factory, you’d be rather foolish to buy a cheap Chinese chainsaw off of eBay.

The above examples might seem like rather obvious things to say, but you would be surprised at the number of people who don’t draw the parallels across to their car. It’s the only thing keeping you safe at speed on the motorway, so why risk it? In extreme circumstances you could be invalidating your insurance policy, not to mention putting people’s lives at risk. It’s really not worth chancing the possibility of your brakes failing during an emergency stop or a tyre blowing out whilst you’re overtaking another car. The consequences can be catastrophic and quite easily fatal, so why would you want to put yourself, your family and other motorists at risk just for the sake of saving a few pounds on car parts? After all, what price do you put on your life?

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