Different Audi Upgrades and Replacements to Consider

Audi owners often take significant pride in the sleek design, competitive technology, and refined style so commonplace among most Audi vehicles. But as recent Audi commercials so often point out, many Audi drivers purchased their vehicles for the inherent purpose of standing apart from the crowd, not fitting into it. If you desire a visual upgrade or set of performance modifications that can dramatically alter the way your car appears or functions on the road, there are plenty of diverse options to choose from. In this article, we’ll go over several of the most effective ways to get any Audio to stand apart from the factory-standard pack.

Emblem Upgrades

There are few accessories on an Audi that really exemplify the quality and luxury of the vehicle as much as the car’s emblem. The four interlocking, chrome-colored circles certainly tell a lot about the vehicle, and as such, generic or dated emblems can really prove to be underwhelming. With Audi emblem upgrades, an owner can freshen up the look of the Audi emblem, or even stylize it with chrome fixtures and custom add-ons. This way, those four interlocking circles really pop, and make a statement that your vehicle is not only an Audi, but a customized one as well.

Body Kits

Body kits aren’t for every Audi owner, and those who want to maintain the original look of the car would be foolish to install one. If you’re trying to keep the core of the Audi look, however, while adding to it in some way, and exterior accessories are excellent upgrade choices. From custom-colored bumpers to aerodynamic rear spoilers, major body upgrades can transform a generic Audi vehicle into a designer version of the same car. The improved aesthetics can help to increase the resale value of the car, but an owner has to be careful: not everyone will approve of a rear spoiler addition, so make sure any body parts you add are perfectly complementing to the overall appearance of the original Audi design.

Vertical Doors

Audi vertical door kits are easy ways to make some of the most drastic appearance changes to these vehicles. Vertical doors and other Audi custom entry doors are notable for their similar appearance to the doors so commonly found on the highest end luxury vehicles and sports cars. When equipped on Audis, these vertical doors can make these cars look ultramodern, fierce, and certainly a class grade above what’s normally expected of Audi vehicles. With every entrance and exit, people will take note of these doors (and they certainly help in squeezing out of the car when parked in a crammed parking lot space).

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