Dealer Chat Works but Your Sales Team Doesn’t Have the Time

Live dealer chat is a great web tool that more car dealerships are using than ever before, but not all of them offer the same level of service. Car salespeople are some of the hardest working sales professionals around, and they’re already strapped for time, which means in house chat solutions are typically ineffective tools. Consumers demand answers right away, and failing to respond within even a minute leads to a dead end, not to mention dissatisfied comments like, “Are you even there?”

That’s why the new focus is on fully managed chat services, where online liaisons in third-party call centres field all inquiries made through your website. Your inventory is integrated into custom-written, dynamic scripts for your dealership to satisfy your customers’ demands for relevant content and product information.

Off-hour phone calls and online queries are another reason you, as a dealership owner, should consider bringing on board a managed chat service, because while you can find tools that allow you to answer queries on your mobile, you can’t expect your salespeople to be on 24/7. A good auto salesperson already dedicates hours of their evenings and weekends to closing the deal, working promotional events, and following up on leads, but you won’t be able to get quality customer service from a team that’s chronically overworked. A managed service is online and on the phone 24/7, and some, like Gubagoo, also pick up your overflow calls during your business hours, so you never miss a chance at a sale.


Make sure you equip your website with the latest, most effective tools available to engage customers — that means using smart data collection coupled with a thing called “proactive intervention.” Rather than waiting for web visitors to plug their question into the pop-up box, online liaisons with a company like Gubagoo are notified when the system’s behavioral intelligence system flags a serious buyer. By observing an IP address’s browsing patterns such as return visits and page clicks, this smart system can evaluate how likely it is that they are seriously considering a purchase. A liaison then opens up the conversation to let the viewer know that someone is on hand to help them, and can use information such as their page clicks to identify what kind of products they are likely interested in.

Once they have the customer’s interest, they drive the lead toward booking a test drive at your dealership so that a member of your sales team can close the deal, and everyone walks away satisfied. If you’re interested in learning more about how behavioral intelligence can change the way you generate leads, there are more resources on for dealership owners.

Live dealer chat is a proven successful tool for generating more leads: it connects with car buyers instantly, it turns more inbound queries into information than any other method, and 94% of online customers report that they’re satisfied with the results. More and more customers do their research online but, in the latest report on online behavior from Nielsen, the majority are ignoring ads, emails, and social media. Instead, they’re “webrooming,” or comparing products on business websites before going to purchase the product in person. That’s why you need to get their attention on your own site, and while your sales team simply doesn’t have the time to keep up with the communication demands of today’s digital audience, a managed chat service can deliver.

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