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How Someone Using a Number Plate Illegally Can Affect You

License plates on cars and other vehicles serve an important purpose—they pick out one specific vehicle for official purposes like insurance, sale, and issuing speeding tickets. Or at least, this is how things are supposed to be.

For every law there is at least one way for less reputable individuals to make money breaking it, and if they’re making money then someone else is losing it, and if you’re not aware of how illegal use of number plates could affect you that someone could be you. So here are a couple of major examples:

Disguising Vehicles

One reason a scammer or other criminal might change a car’s plates is to hide its identity. This can be for any number of reasons—for example, if the car is stolen, altering its plates will at least stop it registering as such under automatic number plate recognition, and so throw the police off the scent. They might also want to hide incidents in the car’s past like accidents.

This kind of illegal use of number plates will only affect you if you are looking to buy the vehicle in question, but the possibility of getting saddled with an inferior or even illegal product is reason enough to be wary of it. Fortunately you can look into a car’s history (either of number plates or in general) using an check. read more »

Sports Cars

Too Tired to Drive: Smart and Safe Tips for Sleeping in Your Car

If you’ve ever almost succumbed to road hypnosis, you know what a frightening thing it is. Long distance road riders understand that driving sleepy can be as deadly as driving under the influence. Sometimes, a roadside siesta is exactly what you need. read more »

Sports Cars

Six Urban Myths about your MOT

It costs quite lot to run a car so the last thing you want is to do repeat MOT tests when yours fails for something that could have been avoided. Here we help to unravel the urban myths you may have heard about having an MOT, including standards of testing, prices of tests and what is and isn’t tested. read more »


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