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The 10 Most Economical Cars in 2012

Fuel economy is one of the top criteria which UK buyers use to assess the purchase of a new vehicle. There are numerous used cards out there waiting to for you at a reasonable price. If your car is your main mode of transport, squeezing those extra miles out of every gallon is going to save you money every time you visit the petrol station to fill up. Understanding this, car manufacturers have upped their game and are producing ever more efficient vehicles for our roads. In 2012 it is not unrealistic to grab a car that will deliver 80mpg. Even standard family cars now readily top 60mpg.

This of course helps reduce your CO2 emissions allowing you to do your bit for the environment. In the UK, road tax is based on CO2 emissions; indeed it is free to tax a vehicle that emits less than 100g/km. Such cars also qualify to travel for free in London’s Congestion Zone so big saving can be made. Here’s a list of ten cars that achieve that golden 100g/km milestone. read more »

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Toyota NS4 Plug-In Hybrid Concept

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How Car Accessories Can Change Your World

One of the things that many of us sometimes forget to appreciate is the fact that we seem to continuously have unlimited options as to what we can have in life. The ability that our generation has to customize, modify and craft into our ideal desires is unprecedented. If we want a personalized towel set we can have it shipped to us anytime of the day from anywhere in the world. This is true for the smallest of items to the biggest, and it doesn’t matter if it is something simple like a dish set, or complex like a vehicle. Ultimately we can have anything we want, and how precisely we want it. read more »

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