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Keeping Classic Cars in Top Condition

Collecting classic cars is a hobby that few people have the joy of achieving, but for owners, simply purchasing the vehicle is just the beginning. Aside from purchasing auto insurance for their vehicle, enthusiasts find themselves spending considerable amounts of time and money on their collection to ensure it remains in pristine condition.

However, the government is considering making the ownership of classic cars much easier through a series of proposals aimed at reducing red tape. read more »

Passenger Cars

Is it Worth Getting a Claims Protected Car Insurance?

The choice whether to get a claims protected car insurance policy is one of those ‘What if’ questions we’re constantly greeted with. Should you get insurance for that mobile phone in case you break it? We can’t see the future so the choice is usually made based upon if you foresee an accident happening. The same scenario is applied when deciding if a claims protected policy is for you. read more »

Passenger Cars

How to Avoid the Risks of Summer Driving

After the unpredictable weather and long, dark nights of winter, summer seems like a far safer season to be driving. Dry roads and more daylight bring safer driving conditions – or do they? Avoiding the risks of summer driving will ensure you can continue to enjoy your driving, and cheaper car insurance, all year round.

Remember, it does still rain in summer. When rain follows a long spell of dry weather, the accumulated dust on the road surface can turn into a slippery slick. read more »

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