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Passenger Cars

What You Need to Know About Van Insurance

When it comes to businesses that require vans to pick up goods or make deliveries, van insurance is a must to both protect your vehicle as well as the services and products you carry. There is no doubt that transporting goods and/or services can be a risky business. You can never be sure that your trip will be smooth and accident-free. When it comes to commercial vans, there are a number of coverages that should be obtained to ensure that your business stays protected. If you are looking for van insurance for your vehicles, make sure that you are not going without any essential protection. read more »

Passenger Cars

Buying a Car: What to Know Before You Go

When you drive onto the lot of a car dealership, a salesperson is often ready to swoop in and make a sale before you’ve even exited your vehicle. Knowing exactly what you want in a car, and how much you should pay based on current market conditions, will ensure you get the vehicle you want at the best possible price. read more »

Passenger Cars

1940 Ford Coupe Gets Reborn

One of the most cherished and collected classic cars of the pre-World War II and hot rod era – the iconic 1940 Ford Coupe – is the latest addition to Ford Motor Company’s growing stable of officially licensed all-steel reproduction car bodies.

Available now for ordering, and complementing the 1965-70 Mustang bodies, the 1940 Ford Coupe body is also constructed of modern, high-strength steel and is assembled using modern welding techniques. The new body comes rustproofed from the factory and is ready to be assembled as a custom hot rod or as a faithful tribute to the original. read more »