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Top 3 Driving Tips for a Safer Journey


We all like to think we’re safe drivers – and the truth of it is, we probably are! However, the majority of drivers will have picked up the odd bad habit since passing their test; from not checking their mirrors, to cruising along in neutral.

Safety on the road is more important than ever, and there are several things we can all do to help make the roads we drive on every day a safer place.

Brought to you by , we’re going to run through three top tips to help you have a safer journey! read more »


How to Save with a Brand New Car

2014 Chevrolet SparkEV

Buying a new car can be expensive, so many people look to make savings wherever they can. Some of these savings are not very hard to make and you might not have thought of them in the first instance. Brand new cars can be especially expensive, but there are little tips and tricks that you can make to help get a cheaper price. We give you some great hints and tips to getting a better deal on your brand new car purchase. read more »


Tougher Sentencing For Dangerous Drivers

After a discussion during prime ministers questions, it has become clear that the coalition government intend to change the law regarding dangerous driving. David Cameron told MPs he wanted to give judges the ability to take exemplary action against the worst drivers on the UK’s roads.

This comes as little surprise after last year’s findings that one in three drivers who leave others dead or seriously injured avoid custodial sentences. read more »

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