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What Technology Means for Safe Driving

Impala MyLink

Technology has made a lot of break-throughs in recent years and for the most part, all of those advancements have been quite positive.  Pretty much everything anyone could want to do is available at any time if someone has the right devices.  Unfortunately, as with everything, it’s easy to become addicted to such convenience and when people can’t turn away from such obsessions, the repercussions can be rather bad. read more »


Buying a Car in 2013, 4 Tips That’ll Save you money!

2014 Chevrolet SS

Buying a car in 2013 should be an easy task, what with all the critic reports, and the reviews that are easy to come by, both online, and in the physical world, quality control is becoming more and more popular and easy to access.

However, one thing that may escape these reviews, is the options open to most readers to save money. Buying a car may be simple, but how do you know, that you are not being charged a premium? read more »


How Have Audi Continued to Produce Top of the Range Cars?

2014 Audi R8 V10

Audi is one of the leaders in the premium global new car market, with a wide range of cars from superminis, to limousines, to supercars, to suit almost any budget. While they may not make a car that’s quite as affordable as those from Ford or Vauxhall, the brand does offer more affordable cars now than at any other time before. read more »

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