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How Do I Scrap My Car?

Crashed blue car

As much effort you take to keep the car in good condition, cars wear out. Cars may be in accidents or be damaged by hail, wind or other bad weather conditions. Whatever the reason, eventually cars need to be replaced.

Most of the time, if there is still life left in the older vehicle, the car can be sold as is. However, due to damage or age, many cars do not run or need so much renovation that selling them as a useful vehicle, even only for school and home, is not an option. At this point, you might consider scrapping the car. Here are some tips for doing so.  read more »


2014 Ford Transit Connect Gets Focus Styling

2014 Ford Transit Connect XLT

The Ford Motor Company’s focus has switched from the traditional mini-van to a European inspired, multi-function compact vehicle that is sure to take the world by storm. The Ford Transit Connect is the new wave of the future and offers advantages for both families and businesses. The Transit Connect is flexible enough to be a mini-RV, family car, panel van, or taxi cab.

Ford may have lost the bid for New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow”, but it is possible that decision was made in error considering the consistently rising gas prices. The design of the Transit Connect once seemed a bit foreign to Americans and was once thought a product that would not bode well in the sales market. The Ford Connect may be poised to take over as the biggest thing since the creation of the mini-van. read more »


Replacing a Car Engine Can Bring New Life to Vehicle

Engine Replacement

The advantages of keeping an older car running longer are much more important these days especially when average new car prices have topped $20,000 based on information provided by AAA. Since many current vehicles are well-built, keeping them longer has become more common with car owners.

Many family sedans can accumulate mileage well above 150,000 miles and still have a body that is in good shape. Automakers have perfected their methods of corrosion protection to the point that rust and corrosion is very rare. However, the engine may be the component that wears out quicker and prompts an owner to decide whether they should buy a new vehicle or replace the engine. read more »

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