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Best Honda Motorbikes of All Time

2013 Honda CBF125

A large product range and detailed history of excellence, one shouldn’t look any further than Honda motorcycles. With motorcycle development dating back to the mid 1950s, Honda has successfully expanded its market from Japan to the world, and by 1982 Honda had successfully produced 3 million motorcycles each year. Today, Honda is still the top producer of motorbikes around the world. The excellent performance of Honda super bikes such as the CBR series, comfort of the Honda GL Gold Wing cruisers and value of the sports bike, there are a plethora of reasons why Honda remains the most popular brand internationally. With all of the accolades to one manufacturer, how does one decide the best Honda bikes of all time?  read more »


Formula 1 – Hungarian Grand Prix


Although Formula 1 has a long and rich history, evolution and change have always been the center of importance in this world championship. New circuits, new champions, cars that go faster, as well as the introduction of better safety measures for drivers, spectators and crew have helped transform Formula 1 since it began in 1950. The first championship had just seven races, 76 drivers and one winner: Nino Farina. In modern times, we get 22 drivers competing at various locations around the world in cars that represent the pinnacle of motorsport technology. read more »


Kawasaki’s Coolest Bikes


What makes for a cool Kawasaki? Well, it all depends on how far your budget can stretch and what you want to use your new Kawasaki for. If commuting on a budget is key to your next bike purchase then you’ll be looking for the best value and the best fuel economy, but if you’re looking for the ride of your life you’ll need to spend a bit more on the hottest Kawasaki kit. Here are three cool Kawasakis that cover most motorcycling needs. read more »

Holy Stone Drone