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When It’s Time to Give in and Buy a New Car

Auto Sales

We live in a car-oriented culture, and for many people their vehicle is a large part of their identity. Even if you do not fall into this category exactly, it is difficult not to grow attached to your car, especially after years of commuting. This is one of the reasons why it is sometimes hard to admit that it is for a new chariot. Of course a much more practical reason to want to hold on to a car as long as possible is reluctance to invest in a new car. read more »


Scrap That: Tips To Make Quick Cash

Damaged car on the road

In today’s economic climate, it’s no surprise that many of us are looking to make some extra cash. But that doesn’t mean that you have to take on a second or third job! Hidden away are little money making ideas that you may not even know of and with a little know-how, you can turn rubbish and broken appliances, materials and everyday objects into cash for your pocket.

Scrap and recyclable metal allow you to dispose of items and products that are beyond repair, looking after our environment and making you some extra money. Many everyday products are made from metal materials from our cars to our kitchen appliances, metal plays an essential role. read more »


A History of the Modern Day Car


1886: The modern day car is born in the form of the , by German inventor .

1908: The , an affordable, manufactured car, was introduced – making driving an option for the general public.

Ford Model T

1930s: Only 30 years after cars were becoming accessible means of transport, physicists in the US started to plead with manufacturers to include lap belts, believing they would keep drivers safe on the road.

1956: Volvo was a forerunner in car safety and introduced 2-point cross-chest belts in their Swedish cars.

1958: Two years after the introduction of the seatbelt, today’s three-point belt was designed and patented by Volvo designer and engineer, Nils Bohlin.

1959: The US followed Sweden by introducing seatbelt anchors in all of their cars.

1963: The first British public service TV advertising campaign was aired, encouraging drivers to use their seatbelt.

1970s: The infamous ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ campaign began in the UK and continued on the air until 1998.

1983: The law changed: It was now compulsory to wear a seatbelt in the front of a car.

Figures showed 90% of front-seat passengers began routinely wearing seat belts after it became compulsory.

Seat belt

Image: Volvo

1991: It became compulsory for passengers to belt up in the back seat. Figures showed an increase from 10% to 40% of backseat passengers wearing seatbelts

1993: The final ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ aired in 1993, however, this final advert could be spotted on air right up until 1998.

1998: In 1998, campaigners turned their attention to back-seat passengers with this hard hitting advert:

2010: The popular TV campaign continues to this day, with the most recent advert being aired in 2010. In the same year Sussex Safer Roads commissioned this award winning advert in 2010, proving that the thought-provoking tactics started way back in 1973 are still massively successful today:

2013: UK Department for Transport (DfT) figures show the changing attitudes towards wearing a seatbelt. 81% of drivers consider it extremely unacceptable to not wear a seat belt in the front and 64% consider it extremely unacceptable to not wear one in the back.

It has been 30 years since the introduction of the seatbelt law and organisations across the country are keen to raise awareness of the necessity of a seatbelt. For example, road traffic experts, , are promoting a , sharing their experience of working with those who have been seriously injured in crashes and have had their lives saved by a seatbelt.

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