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The Revolutionary Way Automotive Vehicles are Built Today

2015 Lexus LF LC

Gone are the days when cars were little more than just steel casings welded around an engine. Cars today are sleek and streamlined with many more electronic components compared to the ones produced a decade ago. The automotive industry is catching up after being long perceived as the sector slowest to take onboard new technological advancements.

The increasingly hi-tech features of the automobile industry came at a time of economic pressure on the auto market. Innovations are instrumental to a car manufacturer’s success as a response not only to consumer expectations and tastes but also to demands for lower carbon emissions and higher safety standards. read more »


Top tips when saving for a motorhome

2014 Mercedes Benz

A motorhome holiday is a wonderful alternative for those who love the great outdoors but aren’t keen on camping in tents, using fire for warmth, and cooking. Older couples may even see them as a perfect-sized home once the family has moved out and they have reached their golden years.

Unfortunately, motorhomes don’t come cheap and many will have to consider a financial plan in order to hit the open road road. With a few simple lifestyle changes, prospective motorhome owners could see themselves saving enough cash to ease the financial burden. read more »


See Nissan’s New Self-Cleaning Paint in Action