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Top three things to remember when moving abroad

Over the years, I’ve met many people that have moved abroad in search of sunny pastures new. Some are looking for a new adventure, while others are hoping to spend the remainder of their lives in warmer climates living a better quality of life. Whatever your reasons may be, if you’re thinking of moving abroad then there are a few key things you should remember… read more »


Detailing the Volkswagen Polo Match

German car giant Volkswagen has launched a Match edition of the VW Polo; a vehicle that has already been named Supermini of the Year for both 2015 and 2016 by Auto Express. read more »


Tips on Taking DMV Driving Test

driving test

The DMV permit practice test is a test that every driving students must take in order to get their learner’s permit. Without the learner’s permit, it is illegal to operate a car in the highway of your state. The questions in the test will be taken from your state’s Driver’s Manual. Studying the Driver’s Manual can help to become a better driver by educating you about the road signs and traffic laws. When reading the manual, it is best not to take it as you are studying your text book but remember them as you are going to use these knowledge while driving the car on a highway in real life. read more »

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