Buying a Car in 2013, 4 Tips That’ll Save you money!

2014 Chevrolet SS

Buying a car in 2013 should be an easy task, what with all the critic reports, and the reviews that are easy to come by, both online, and in the physical world, quality control is becoming more and more popular and easy to access.

However, one thing that may escape these reviews, is the options open to most readers to save money. Buying a car may be simple, but how do you know, that you are not being charged a premium?

1. Prior planning

Before rushing out and buying a new car, be sure to do your homework first! research the type, style and essentials needed for the car that you want to buy, there is limited to no sense in buying a cheap two seater sports car, when you need to do the school runs for your kids in the mornings now eh? So make sure that your needs are clear, your budget is sensible, and that you are entering the market with the ideal car in mind.

2. Ask yourself, “Is the seller legit?”

Buying a car from someone, who does not have a traders license can be risky, not only in terms of quality control (particularly for used or second hand cars), but also in terms of pricing. Often, people who privately advertise their auto-mobiles to sell will not consult a professional for a reasonable price to sell, and will, in fact, put up a price of their own. Needless to say, this can lead to some interesting pricing.

3. Is this car what I need?

With technology increasing at an alarming rate, the auto-mobile industry has started to increase the amount of gadgets and gizmo’s that are installed into cars, at an increased price bracket of course. Whilst these installations may make the car look nicer or add some interesting effects to the car, try not to let your eyes wander too far off from the core basics that you need to be checking. Also be sure to not “over buy”, which is, where you buy a car built for speed, to live in down town New York, keep to the essentials, and if your budget will allow, go ahead and splash out a bit on the extras.

4. Back to basics

When purchasing your auto-mobile, be sure to check the basics. These include; The engine, doors, wheels, gear box, pedals, lights, bodywork, as well as a . As mentioned in number two, try not to be pulled in to the new gadgets and gizmo’s that often come with the more expensive cars. Whilst this should not be an issue if you are purchasing from a licensed dealer, such as , you should be paying extra attention to these details when buying from a non licensed seller.

With the new year, already nearly through it’s first quarter, several brand new cars have emerged, which are sure to be a hit here in America, such as the 2013 Infiniti G37 Coupé, a nice two seater sedan with four wheel drive, capable of 27 miles to the galleon, whilst looking the part of American Beauty, as well as the all new Hyundai Veloster Turbo, if you are looking to buy a car that is highly rated for 2013, try out this , it has some decent information on upcoming cars of 2013.

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