Best Honda Motorbikes of All Time

2013 Honda CBF125

A large product range and detailed history of excellence, one shouldn’t look any further than Honda motorcycles. With motorcycle development dating back to the mid 1950s, Honda has successfully expanded its market from Japan to the world, and by 1982 Honda had successfully produced 3 million motorcycles each year. Today, Honda is still the top producer of motorbikes around the world. The excellent performance of Honda super bikes such as the CBR series, comfort of the Honda GL Gold Wing cruisers and value of the sports bike, there are a plethora of reasons why Honda remains the most popular brand internationally. With all of the accolades to one manufacturer, how does one decide the best Honda bikes of all time? 

The Honda VRF series of motorbikes is considered one of the best because of its innovative style as a sports touring bike. The usage of variable valve timing and a V-4 engine to distribute power give this Honda bike great traveling range. With electronic engine management and other practical systems such as anti-lock braking unfamiliar to motorcycles before the VRF series, owners continue to rave about the VRF’s durability and class.

Honda’s 2006-07 CB1000RR bike will be the standard for all sports bikes in the motorcycle industry, past, present and future. Developed from Moto GP technology and refined from the predecessor versions of the CB1000RR, the differences in performance are night and day for most riders. Better mid-range speed performance, larger brakes and chassis, boundless power for riders to control and the feel that the bike isn’t too intimidating are the characteristics that make this motorcycle lovable. Many riders enjoy the way the CB1000RR handles, also the electronic stability control gives great assistance on tough terrain. This bike is the premier super bike for owners, thus it keeps a great resale value.

The best Honda motorcycle of all time is the classic Honda CB500. Not the most glamorous Honda of all time but this bike was the essence of a generation and changed the motorcycle industry for the better. A durable 500cc engine built to last over 190,000 miles, inexpensive to own, simple to maintain and a general sense of fun are the terms used by Honda enthusiast around the world when describing this marvellous machine. These have all of the sensible attributes the Honda brand is known for, and it’s hard for riders to find many faults. Everything a rider would need in a starting basic motorcycle can be found in the CB500 bike.

What makes the best Honda motorbikes of all time aren’t related to the flashy design or lightning speed. The best Honda’s are made with the rider put first above all other design criteria.

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