AutoPortal’s take on what makes Audi Q3 the most loved entry-level premium SUV

Inarguably one of the most popular and most selling premium SUVs in India, has paved the path to Audi’s zenith in domestic market. For some reason SUVs are doing better than sedans, which were earlier longed by many, however the abrupt shift in customer buying behaviour has brought SUVs in the fore front. Moreover, the onset of entry level SUVs has given a thrill of owing large spaced five and even seven seater UVs at an affordable price. Not that these premium SUVs come at a dirt low price, but they are indubitably priced lesser than the usual luxury cars that cost high. And with the induction of such entry level SUVs reach of brand has widened, those who dreamt of buying luxury badged cars can very well drive home Audis and BMWs. That said, on the price quotient Audi’s Q3 is way more affordable than closest rivals. Here is what makes Q3 a viable offering for Indian customer base.

The clever chunkier outer semblance

Rivalling the likes of BMW X1 and Mercedes Benz GLA, Audi has outpaced the two in past in terms of monthly numbers (at-least in India). One of the clever things that Audi did in the recent past is giving Q3 a quick overhaul to maintain its craze and demand in the domestic market. On the outside, the Q3 gives an insight into the changed styling as compared to the predecessor. Up front, the all LED head lights available only on the top variants appear commanding. Indicators on the ORVMs are reminiscent of the ones equipped in A8 and R8. Besides, the 17 inch redesigned alloy rims and notably conspicuous chrome garnished front grille sum up the prominent changes made to the exteriors. Moreover, the angular front bumper further accentuates the muscularity attempted to be rendered on the new Q3 through above mentioned exterior tweaks.

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A sneak peek into the upmarket cabin

Although, no concrete changes have been made to the cabin but the metallic finish instead of the wood trims and brushed aluminium inserts are way too her. Ditching the internal styling for a better equipped cabin has actually worked in favour of Q3. The Technology Pack that comprises of features such as satellite navigation, 20GB hard drive, an additional SD card slot and a new sound system. Now this all is available mostly on the higher trim levels, while the lower variants get only a few out of these. Besides, a rear view camera and panoramic sunroof are available as standard fitments across model series. A new colour screen is also among the new additions made inside.

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What lies under the bonnet?

Nothing has changed inside and for now the model series is available only in diesel variants, there is yet no update on the petrol trims, hopefully it will follow later. The 2.0 litre, 35 TDI, diesel poewrtrain pumping out top power of 174 Bhp  continues to serve the SUV. What comes in as a great surprise are the paddle shifters that ease out things for the driver.

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