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You’re in the business of selling cars, but when you check your inbox, what do you do with all of the promotional emails you’ve received? Same thing you do with flyers you get in your mailbox? The problem is, it’s your job to use materials like these to follow up with leads and make sales. How can you expect your prospects to buy into irrelevant materials when you throw them out yourself? It’s time to wake up and realize that auto shoppers want relevant, valuable materials when salespeople follow up. Otherwise, you’re just wasting valuable time, and they’ll take their business to someone who can truly help. The first step towards providing a relevant experience on your dealer website is a live chat service and integrated platform.

Behavioral Intelligence Systems

The first thing you should look for in any website extension is a behavioral intelligence system that identifies and scores anonymous web visitors based on their viewing patterns through your website. From there, the system creates a profile of the visitor that qualifies them: what kind of products are they interested in, what does their price range seem to be, and what kind of incentives do they click on?

Targeted Promotions

Any worthwhile system is more than just a live chat window; for example, the live chat service company Gubagoo also uses what’s called a Publisher to display your incentives and promotions at the bottom or top of your website. The Publisher changes the promotions it displays to a viewer based on their browsing history, whether they’re looking for service and repairs, trade-ins, or accessories. By targeting your online promotional materials, you will have a better success rate in interesting prospective customers.

Live Chat

The most valuable tool you can add to your website is a live chat service, supported by 24/7 chat liaisons who come equipped with dynamic scripts customized to your dealership and responsive to the customer’s requests. The liaison then collects information and, ideally, books the customer an appointment to test drive a specific model.

Inventory Integration

Inventory integration is how a product like provides relevant content to your online visitors. Liaisons have instant access to your dealer’s inventory and match it to the viewer’s browsing history. They provide images of products and relevant promotions to entice customers into booking an appointment.

Answers Anytime, Call or Text

A valuable service also provides 24/7 overflow call and text services. Overflow accounts for a 16% of all inbound calls to a dealership according to Gubagoo, while a separate study determined that dealership service dollars in particular suffer. Over are lost because the calls are made afterhours, with no one there to pick up. Round-the-clock overflow services mean your loyal customers and new inquiries can get customer service on their own schedule. Part of providing relevant, is also about providing it in a medium your customers use. That’s why more dealers than ever are opening up SMS channels with their customers. While text messaging has become the go-to means of communication for younger consumers, voice mail is badly neglected. Stop leaving messages no one is going to listen to. Ninety percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. It’s time to adapt; make sure your customers know who you are and what you have to offer.

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