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The long game: Pay today, save tomorrow


As we all know, the cost of motoring is huge. The price of petrol and diesel is pushing plenty of motorists to the brink. However, there’s also the environmental aspect of driving that car owners have to consider.

Though the car has arguably been responsible for much good over its 100 year history, there has always been one toxic mark that has hung over the industry – the pollution that cars cause. read more »

Volvo launches new four-cylinder engines for 2014


Volvo have launched three all-new 4-cylinder engines, which will form the car manufacturers engine range in certain models in the future. The engines, which have been designed to be as fuel efficient as possible, are to replace previous same-specification engines. read more »

Is Your Car Winter Ready?

Car on winter road

As the nights draw in and the weather takes a turn for the worse, it is time to start thinking about more than just what to buy your loved ones for Christmas and what resolutions you’re going to be breaking this year.

During the winter your car has to deal with many more challenges than it does in the warmer months, and so there are certain things you need to be checking before the bad weather really kicks in. Read on as the experts at Elite Direct take you through four essential checks. read more »

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