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Carbon Fiber in the Automotive Industry

Between 2015 and 2020, the use of carbon fiber in the automotive industry is expected to steadily increase. It’s something expected, of course, considering how amazing of a material carbon fiber is. Lighter and stronger than steel, yet with a sleek finish that’s made it very desirable as a luxury item material, it has definitely taken the automotive industry by storm. read more »

Understanding the Requirement and Restrictions of an Ontario G1 License

In order to drive a car, truck or van in Ontario, you will need to have a valid G class license on you at all times. To acquire one the first step is to apply for a G1 license – which is the first grade of the G class license. read more »

5 Essential Tips to Pass the CDL Knowledge Test

Sitting for your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) knowledge test can be challenging. Considering you need to score above 85% in order to pass, there isn’t much room for wrong answers – and many often fail their first attempt. read more »

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