A List of the Best Racing Tracks in the World


Knowing the features of a racing track is important not only for the racers, but also for those who bet on racing. To be a pro in racing tracks and succeed in betting on races, it’s important to learn every inch of the track. Its curves and road quality can make all the difference, helping the worst races become the best by the end of the race.

The most popular betting sites like do provide information about the tracks the races are going to held on. This is very helpful as a user can bet on a team that is prepared for the particular track the most.

So, here is a list of the most popular racing tracks and important details that would help you to make a winning bet.

Nurburging Nordschleife

This racing track is immense, encompassing about 21 kilometers of a highly curved road. It has 154 corners, many of them are pretty hard to manage, but that why this track has such a vivid history of motosport events. It has another name – the ‘Green Hell’ because of the complexity of its curves. It’s still open for racing events, such as the famous .


This track opens a wonderful view as it’s situated in the countryside of Ardennes. Belgian Grand Prix is always held only on this track, and it was a colorful history of being the home for F1. Along with amazing landscapes, it features several tricky curves like Pouhon, and is the number one for many racers and their fans.



This track is the home for the Japanese Grand Prix, and it’s pretty dangerous. Suzuka has tons of corners that are difficult to manage, including the 130R, as well as the Degner Curve. Its overall curve goes as the figure of 8, so one can race there forever, training hard to become a pro. This racing track was the stage for some extreme accidents like the 1989 collision featuring Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

Circuit de la Sarthe

Everyone who like racing have heard of Le Mans – the most incredible motosport event. The first race was held in 1923 and became an annual event since 1949. has become its home, featuring an impressing track and public roads.

The more racing events there are, the more amazing tracks are build. They are different by the level of danger and quality, but all of them are incredible.

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