5 Great Ways to Improve Your Car Driving Skills

Some people are passionate about driving and want to improve their skills so that they are able to better control their cars. On the other hand others may not be as passionate, but recognize that having good skills can help improve their safety and may even make a world of difference in tricky situations.

Regardless of your motivation behind wanting to improve your driving abilities, here’s a few great ways in which you can do so:

  • Become familiar with the car that you’re driving

Every car is different in terms of its capabilities and handling, and it is important to develop a feel for yours. Often the best way to do so is to find an empty parking lot (or some other open space) and put your car through the paces so that you can test its handling, acceleration, braking distance, and stability.

  • Learn how to handbrake turn

While handbrake turns are often used for flashy maneuvers, they are also actually an extremely useful skill. In particular it can help you to correct an understeer into a turn at high speeds when your front end slides of course. Make no mistake, mastering when and how to use the handbrake while turning can be tricky, but it is a useful skill to have up your sleeve in case you need it.

  • Practice driving in reverse using the side mirrors

Most drivers tend to be nervous when reversing, which is normal as your view is limited. With practice you can become much more confident and even start to reverse using only your side mirrors so that you don’t need to constantly glance upwards towards your rear mirror.

  • Find out what to do when various issues crop up

At some point or other you may face situations, including oversteering or understeering, skidding, driving in hazardous conditions, and so on. To better prepare for these eventualities you should find out exactly what you need to do to cope with them – and how best to approach each. Not only will this help improve your driving, but it will give you some much-needed confidence if and when you do encounter any of these issues.

  • Understand the importance of car maintenance

As much as this may sound obvious, many drivers often don’t properly maintain their cars – and that can lead to numerous issues. Aside from your regular maintenance you should also check your car yourself before you take it on the road, as that can help you avoid many common mishaps.

Of course aside from your driving skills it also is important that you know the ins and outs of the Highway Code, traffic signs and other parts of the . If you feel that you need a refresher – be sure to get one. That knowledge coupled with improved driving skills should help to make you a far better driver than the one that you were, and ensure that you’re able to handle anything that happens while you’re on the road.

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