2013 – Unlucky For Some!

Personalised number plates are controversial things, as speaker John Bercow found when he raised a few eyebrows with his extravagant purchase of B13 RCO for his Land Rover Freelander in October. However, his plate is certainly not the first to have set tongues wagging.

Auto Express found that the DVLA had slightly irregular tendencies when it comes to blocking number plates which are deemed to be inappropriate: no prizes for guessing why DR12 UNK was blocked, but it may surprise you to learn that you can get away with LO62 ERS.

So what’s the most expensive number plate in the world? Funnily enough, it’s also the shortest: ‘1’. The number plate was sold to a 25 year old Abu Dhabi businessman for an eye-watering £7m. Closer to home, ‘F1’ sold for a comparatively meagre £500,000 in the UK.

When we move into 2013 though, we may just see a rise in the number of personalised plates or even a drop in new car sales. Why? In 2013, new cars will be sold with a 13-reg, bearing the famously unlucky number. The DVLA is reported to fear that this may put people off buying a new car, and so is set to offer buyers the chance to opt for a 62-reg instead. While that might sound far-fetched, it wouldn’t be the first time an unlucky number has dented sales: Evo reports that that in Afghanistan, where the number 39 is avoided, a drop in sales occurred when that number came up.

Although you’ll need to put your numberplate in when applying for insurance, there’s no reason why a personalised plate should affect your ability to get cheap car insurance quotes: experts from car insurance companies such as swiftcover.com are have explained that an unlucky numberplate won’t raise your premiums. If you’re superstitious though, you might just want to take the DVLA’s offer of a special plate…

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