2012 Acura NSX Concept

It goes without saying that car enthusiasts get more excited about new vehicle models than moaning about the need for an , which is why the 2012 North American Auto Show in Detroit was an event well worth the anticipation. With confirmation that Acura would be showcasing the next generation of the NSX concept, the anticipatory spec-talk began to grow and is not expected to stop anytime soon.

The , which will hold on to its 2-door coupe foundation, as well as its mid-engine and rear-wheel drive, will sport a V6 engine, a new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (super handling all wheel drive) technology, dual-clutch transmission, Variable Valve Driving and Lift Electronic Control.

But we’ll have to wait to drive it until 2015, when Honda expects the release to make a considerable splash in the luxury market, as announcement of a successor to the  has been expected for years. Now a new form of anticipation can begin as we await the chance to get a glimpse of the car’s dynamic technology and lightweight materials. The vehicle’s 2 Electric Motor Drive Unit has a unique torque system that can create negative or positive front wheel torque. This innovation, facilitated by the duel-clutch will enable incredible acceleration while keeping the car efficient and luxurious. Acura will also be utilizing the newest generation of their VTEC 3.5-liter V6.

Meanwhile, the exterior specs for the vehicle, which will assuredly change over the next couple years, are currently listed as 170+ inches in length, 74+ inches in width, 45+ inches in height, and a 101+ inch wheelbase. This expands upon the second generation NSX in every category. As far as the actual materials of the car, we know that Acura’s mission statement boasts a preponderance of lightweight materials, although it’s unknown at this point whether that will entail an all-aluminum infrastructure like the original first generation design.

Details about the strength of the engine and the electric motors have not been released yet, although we can expect them to be geared towards a balance between efficiency, fuel economy, and power. The engineering team is being managed by Honda R&D, which will manufacture the car at a facility in Ohio. Acura, which has been struggling in sales against rival luxury brands BMW and Mercedes (garnering under 100,000 units to their respective 250,000 each) is planning on using the next generation of the NSX to catapult the brand back to the stature it carried during the golden years of the Legend and the Integra.


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    I hope they will build the acura nsx concept There are so many great concepts that you will never see on the streets…

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