2011 Fiesta to Launch With Bold New Colors

2011 Ford FiestaFashion magazines are heralding bright colors this fall. Bold shades are being offered in an increasing array of consumer products — from laptop computers to vacuums to stand mixers for the kitchen.

Ford is experiencing the trend, too, with high demand for vehicle colors such as the 2010 Mustang in “Grabber Blue” and the F-150 SVT Raptor in “Molten Orange.” When the 2011 goes on sale next summer, consumers will have bright colors to choose from: “Bright Magenta” and “Lime Squeeze.”

“Brilliant colors are transforming the norms in how we think about all sorts of products, allowing people to express individuality more and more through the electronics they use and the cars they drive,” said Susan Swek, Ford group chief designer, Color and Materials Design. “Color is a simple way to allow people to add a personal touch to their everyday lives — something that speaks to them and expresses a little of their personality.”

In the U.S. already, Ford is seeing strong sales for cars in brilliant colors:

  • Nearly four in 10 (39 percent) of customers purchasing the new Ford F-150 SVT Raptor are choosing “Molten Orange.”
  • And the new “Grabber Blue” color of the Ford Mustang is exceeding sales projections, accounting for roughly 10 percent of total 2010 Mustang sales so far.

The Ford Fiesta is coming to the United States with even bolder colors after seeing drivers around the globe gravitate to a palette of brilliant hues:

  • In Asia, Fiesta buyers’ third most favorite color (15 percent of sales) is an eye-popping blue called “Vision,” followed by the lime green “Squeeze” (11 percent) with the top selling color being “Moondust Silver.” In China, nearly three in 10 (28 percent) Fiestas purchased are “Passion Orange,” making it far and away the favorite choice.
  • Right behind “Panther Black” and “Silver,” Europeans are selecting “Hot Magenta” and “Vision” as their third and fourth most favorite colors, each accounting for about 10 percent of sales across Europe.

In fact, for the first time with any Ford vehicle in Europe, Fiesta buyers are saying that vehicle color was among the top 10 reasons cited for purchasing the car, according to Ford research.

Since May, 100 Fiesta agents have traveled more than 800,000 miles around the country, primarily driving “Hot Magenta” and “Squeeze” colored Fiestas as part of   and the vehicles are turning heads with their bold colors.

“Almost everywhere I go someone comments on the color. Women love it and some people even show me how it matches their cell phone,” said Hilary McHone, a Brooklyn photographer and Fiesta Agent said of her Squeeze-colored Fiesta. “It makes me think of spring. There’s a lot of life in it. I think people are excited about having more color options these days. It allows people to express their personalities more.”

McHone likes her car color so much, she had her wedding dress made this summer to match the lime green.

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  • Maddy
    October 28, 2009 - 4:56 pm | Permalink

    :O <–Me
    I love the colors! Now, If only I read this article a few weeks ago. Maybe I would have waited for this thing to be available. The colours make the car so different from others. It becomes very easy to distinguish among other cars. Other people would be like "WOAH!" lol

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